woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Searching for new writers

Dear readers/followers,visitors,

We are sorry for not posting last month. We are all busy with too much homework, so sometimes we forget to post. The free time that we have, is not long so we are not always able to post on this blog.

Our question is:

Do you want to be a writer on this blog, or do you know someone who is a good writer and also wants to be a writer?

These are the rules;

- You got to post at least 1 post per day. [It's ok when you couldn't one day because of some private reasons, but just try to post enough]
- Don't post about stuff that we don't need to know. Like you have found something for 2 stardollars in the starbazaar, or that you've found a nice design.
- Please don't advertise for your starbazaar or for friends who want to be covergirl. That's not what our readers want to read.
- We always use banners on this blog, so please ask me or a friends to make a banner that you can use.

Here is the application form: [Credit Underneath Stardoll]

Stardoll Name:

Information about you:
Do you have the time and are you on stardoll a lot?:
Why you want to be a writer here?:
Can you meet the expectations of all the above:
Part of your writing skills(personal blog or blogs you write for):

Thanks for ready and we hope that a lot of people want to write on this blog. There are definetly writers needed.

Your always,
Sanne ♥