maandag 30 augustus 2010

Hot Buys September 2010 in Real

Hey there :)
I've got all the Hot Buys in real now and i decided to stop with all those huge posts everymonth where is in when the Hot Buys come out, and no one even cares when the Hot Buys come out. Or do you? :P If you care then you can go to the Stardoll magazine :D

Anyway, here are the Hot Buys in real. from left to right and from top to bottom.

On the left side:

Suit by Donna Karan

Pringle of Scotland Sweater dress

On the doll:

Donna Karan dress

Stella McCartney wedges

On the right side:

JC Jeans&Clothes clock necklace

Stella McCartney Hat

Jacket by J. Mendel

These were September 2010's Hot Buys in Real. Do you like them and which one is your favourite?

Do you know where the Hot Buys Transparent Umbrella, the Hot Buys Glitter Bag and the Hot Buys Budgies Top are inspired by? Than please send me a comment or contact me on stardoll in my guestbook or in my mailbox. (Super-girl.8) Thankyou!

Xoxo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Shoes

Hello readers ;)
The lovely Hot Buys Shoes are finally out! They are 8 stardollars, for superstars and they are from the Pretty in Pink shop. I have to say that i absolutely adore them. :) The stardoll ones, but also the real ones. Here are they:

H&M Shoes

Don't you love them? Aren't they adorable? :)

Sanne ♥

Stardoll and the city 'Shopping poses'

Hi again ;-)
Remember the 'Tea Time cape' which you can put on your medoll, and your medoll gets another pose? There are (hidden) shopping poses in starplaza. They are used to be in the Stardoll and the city shop, but they're not. So here is how to get them :

1. Go to search
2. Search for the Stardoll and the city shop
3. Go to the 5th and the 6th page
4. Find the one that matches your dolls skin colour!

The best of all... Those shopping poses are only 4 stardollars! Stardoll is getting better ;) But, they are still only availible for superstars, which i think is really unfair.

Will you be buying one of these shopping poses, and do you like that stardoll makes some stuff to let your doll look different?

Comments? :D

Much love,
Sanne ♥

Hot Buys String Belt

Hey readers :)
Thw Hot Buys String Belt is already out. It's 5 stardollars (what's a very good price) , it's only availible for superstars (I dont think it should be; only for superstars), and it's from Fallen Angel. Here's the belt:

Does anyone know who it's inspired by?

And what do you think about it? Is it a nice belt or do you hate it?

xo Sanne ♥

zondag 29 augustus 2010

Random Glitch

When I click on certain people in my best friends list, instead I get taken to the suites of the early stardoll users. Judging by how many visits they've had I'm not the only one this has happened to. Randomness stardoll....randomness.

zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

Stardoll and the City shop

Hi there :)
There's a new shop out, called 'Stardoll and the City'. The clothes are inspired by real life Dior clothes and the 2nd movie S and the city. The shop has 4 floors, only 1 bracelet is availible for non-superstars (!!!) , and the prices are from 5 until 40 stardollars. That's not really cheap. Here is the new shop:

What do you think about this shop?

I think there are some very nice clothes in this shop, but the most are a little bit expensive and i think that there should be more non superstar items.

I have all the Hot Buys in real now, so i will post them tomorrow, because i have to sleep now :D
See you tomorrow!

xoxo Sanne ♥

vrijdag 27 augustus 2010

New Dot collection is out

Hello followers and other readers :)
The new dot collection that was in spoilers, is finally out. All the makeup is for superstars and the prices from the new colours are from 3 until 10 stardollars. I miss Sephora. But i think everyone does. I think that there should be makeup availibe for non superstars, because it's so unfair that they can use makeup. Anyway, here are the new dot colours:

Thanks Stardoll's Most Wanted for the pic! I couldn't make the pic by myself because i was too late with posting :D

Do you like these colour and are you going to buy some of these makeup?

Sanne aka Super-girl.8

Hot Buys September 2010 are out

Hello :D
September 2010's Hot Buys are finally out :) I have to say that i love the lay out and the doll, and i also really like the clothes. Here's the new Hot Buys List:

Do you think you will be buying anything?

I will post the real versions of the Hot Buys when i've got them all :)

xoxo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Gray Skirt

Hey there :)
I know that i'm very late with posting, but that's because it's still summer vacation and i'm doing a lot with by Best Friends, so that's why i can't post sometimes.

Anyway, the Hot Buys Gray Skirt inspired by Stella McCartney is out. The skirt is 15 stardollars, from Bisou, and it's for superstars again. Here it is:

Stella McCartney Skirt

Which version do you like better, and are you going to buy this skirt?

xoxo Sanne ♥

woensdag 25 augustus 2010

Sunny Bunny is out!

Hey readers!
Here's an update, the Sunny Bunny store is already out. Here's something about the store:

There are 37 different items in the store. The prices are from 2 till 6 stardollars, so that's really not expencive.  19 of the 37 items are also availible for non superstars. Here's the new Sunny Bunny floor:

Isn't it cute? And finally more fake eyelashes!

What do you think?

More stardoll news later :)

xoxo Sanne ♥

Sunny Bunny in spoilers :D

Hey there!
Here are the other spoilers. That means that there's a new floor of Sunny Bunny coming :)

Arent they cute?

xo Sanne ♥

Dot spoilers

Hey :)
Today there is some new Dot makeup in the spoilers. I think these are the Fall/Winter colours.

So it looks like there will be a new Dot collection soon. Will you be buying anything and do you like these new colors?

I'll post some other spoilers and news later, i'm still working on it.

xo Sanne ♥

maandag 23 augustus 2010

New IdenTee collection

Let's say hi again :P
There are some new shirts out in the IdenTee shop. All the shirts are 2 stardollars, so they're very easy to get with Play&Earn. They're also all availible for non-superstars. Here's the shop:

Will you be buying anything?, and do you like these shirts?

I bought the 'I ♥ Fashion' one :)

xo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Owl Pendant

Hey Boys, Girls, Readers, Followers and other creatures :D
The lovely Hot Buys Owl Pendant is out, and i can only say one thing. CUTE! I really love this pendant :) Anyways, it's 8 stardollars - and i think that that's really expencive for a necklace - , it's from Bisou and it's - ofcourse - for superstars. Here it is:

H&M Necklace

Aww... isn't it lovely? :)

Please tell me what you think in comments. I love comments! :D

xo Sanne ♥

Miss Stardoll World Shop

Hi ♥
Since you can be a part in the 'Miss Stardoll World' competition, there's a 'Miss Stardoll World Shop' in starplaza. There are 17 items in this shop, and only 1 of them is for non superstars! (That's a shame.) The prices are from 5 till 13 stardollars, so that's not really expencive. Here's the shop:

I have to say that i don't see fabulous things in this shop, so it's the question if i will be buying anything. Maybe the crown, than i can feel like Miss Stardoll World :D

Do you like the shop and will you be buying something from this shop?

Comment! XD

xx ♥

The RARE Hot Buys Patchwork bag back in Starplaza

Hey again =D
The very Rare Hot Buys Patchwork bag inspired by a.p.c. is back in starplaza. It's ofcourse in the Starplaza Archive shop, it's for only 7 stardollars and it's for superstars. Again, something that's very unfair for the Hot Buys collectors that payed very much money and time for it to find it. Here you see the bag:

The Hot Buys Patchwork bag is from Octorber 2006's Hot Buys. That means it's almost a 4 years old bag!

And here you see the real 'Patchwork Bag', inspired by A.P.C. :

[ 1 pic: Stardoll Fashion Models 2nd pic: Thanks to Hot Buys Addicted!  3th pic: Thanks to Hot Buys Addicted!]

Will you be buying this bag, or do you already have this bag? And do you think it's unfair, or are you happy to see this item back in starplaza? Please send me a comment to let me know :)

Much love,
Sanne ♥

New PPQ Floor out

Hey pretty's :D

There's a new floor out in the 'PPQ' store. It's called: the 'Invisible Store'. The prices are from 20 till 34 stardollars and all the items are for Superstars only. Here is the PPQ store:

I like this floor, but i'm not sure yet if i will be buying something from this floor.

Will you be buying something?

x Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Zipper Dress

Hey dear readers!
Sorry for posting not so much, but that's because it's summer vacation so i'm doing a lot with my friends. That means i forgot to post some things, and they're coming right now :)

The Hot Buys Zipper Dress inspired by Antonio Berardi is out. It's 14 stardollars- what's a little bit expencive for this dress - , it's for superstars and it's from Fallen Angel.

Zipper Dress by Antonio Berardi

Which version do you like better and will you be buying it?

xo Sanne ♥