zondag 31 januari 2010


Hi readers!
Tomorrow it will be...
FEBRUARY, right =D
That means there will be a new medoll of the month.
NO, i'm not gonna tell you who it is. :)
But there will be a 'GENUIS' medoll on stardoll, every month. ( Choosed by me)

Also, something about my REAL Life news, there will be very IMPORTANT test on Tuesday, Wednesday and thursday. (For school) They are called 'Cito' in The Netherlands.

They will be like exams, but on the low school =D
So, i wanted to say that i can't post very much, and i hope the other writers will post something these days :)

Wish me luck, readers!

Xoxo Sanne A.K.A Super-girl.8 ♥

Best and worst dressed

Lushious: tigre89

I have just one word to describe this outfit, fantastic!. She layered the dress like a pro and matched the accessories perfectly.

Lunacy: tammini

Retarded princess, a look that won't be sweeping the catwalks soon. I don't like the sleeves shes put on the dress, the bag is too big, the scarf is just random and I can't stand it when people wear socks with pumps. And don't get me started on her medoll!, why the heck has she turned her face pink???. Better luck next time.

Hot buys tee

Hey Honeyz!
The 'Hot buys tee' is availible in starplaza.:

Pleasure Principle top

Do you like it?
Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥

zaterdag 30 januari 2010

Hot buys February - In real

Hi girls!
I've searched some REAL hotbuys, here are they;

Tiara by Louis Mariette

Top by Cristopher Kane

Jeans by Versace
Jacket by Balmain
Top by Marc Jacobs
Boots by Versace

'Beehive' bag by Judith Leiber

Thanks to SeenOnStardoll.Blogspot.com
Xo Sanne A.K.A. Super-girl.8 ♥

Hot buys Purse

Hey girls!
The Hot Buys Purse is availible in starplaza:

Purse by Judith Leiber

I think it's cute :) What do you think?

Xoxo ♥

Omfg nearly 50 million members!

Stardoll is about to reach another massive milestone, getting 50 million members!. Its quite an acheivement and I'm already wondering about how stardoll will celebrate. If you remember when stardoll got to 30 and then 40 million members all they did was give us tacky t-shirts and a few other forgetable items. Before that people had the chance to win (the much covetted) lottery dresses, and even though lots of members didn't win it was still more exciting than getting a flashing yellow light thingy or some balloons. It would be great if stardoll made some more lottery dresses don't you think? What do you want to happen?

donderdag 28 januari 2010

Hot buys Cardigan

Hey girls!
The hot buys cardigan is availible in starplaza.

I love it!

Cardigan by Oscar de la Renta

Do you like it?
Xo Sanne ♥

woensdag 27 januari 2010

Adopt a gorilla

Hi !
You can adopt a gorilla, just follow this steps :)

Go to magazine and click on: Endangered species
Then you'll get tihs on oyur screen;

Just click on 'adopt me' and this gorilla will be in your suite:

Do you like it?
Xoxo super-girl.8

Free twitter gift & stardoll mail

Check out your suite, you'll find 2 'Twitter' gifts :)

Also, you'll get this mail from stardoll in your mailbox:

[Click on the photos to enlarge]

Xoxo Super-girl.8

New superstar hair

Hey girls!
There are new hairstyles in the styling studio, these are the hairstyles:

I love them! you?

Love from Sanne, A.K.A Super-girl.8

dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Hot Buys February 2010

Here are the Hot Buys from February 2010:

Do you like them?
Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥

Hot buys

You remember the ugly hot buys coat, the pink hot buys cardigan, (it's coming Thursday) and the new hot buys dress? Check it out:

Clothes inspired by Oscar De La Renta:

What do you think?
Xo Sanne A.K.A Super-girl.8

Hot buys dress

The hot buys dress is avalible in starplaza:

What do you think? :)
x ♥

zondag 24 januari 2010

New banner

This will be my new banner, do you like it?
Xo Sanne A.K.A Super-girl.8


Hey Girls!
This is my HORRIBLE first graphic with REAL Clothes :-] :

[Click to enlarge]

Yes, i know it's ugly :P
What do you think?
Xo Super-girl.8

This one is better:

[Click to enlarge]