zondag 24 januari 2010

Broadcast barrage

All day every day since new year I've seen messages like the one above popping up on the broadcasts. Before it was just 1 person, maybe 2, each day trying to get voted covergirl using broadcasts, some days I don't remember anyone begging for votes. But now people have cottoned on the fact that in order to win anything, they have to advertise. The majority of the messages you see on stardoll are 'vote me covergirl!' or 'vote vote vote vote my scenery!'.........etc. Its getting to be a bit annoying. In the past I have attempted to get votes for covergirl using broadcasts but I picked a day when 1 person or no one else was advertising. It didn't work out for me unfortunately and I was pissed off that I spent all that money for nothing. I'm not the only this happens to, lots of other girls have failed, one of the reasons being because other people cheat with hundreds of fake accounts to win something, especially covergirl. If someones medoll is seriously lacking in style, has a rubbish suite or is non superstar, chances are they've cheated. The way Stardoll works is just so maddening sometimes, but I'm still addicted to it.

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