zondag 30 mei 2010

How to wear: The pip crop top

This floral crop top is perfect for creating a girly yet sexy look. Keep it simple and team the top with a black skirt that nips in at the waist. A colourful purse that matches the flowers on the top finishes off the outfit nicely and peep toe shoes look cute. You can vary the outfit but if you want to copy this exact look the price and shop the items come from are down below.

Crop top: Pretty in pink, 10 sd
Skirt: Stardoll, 4 sd
Purse: Rio, 4 sd
Shoes: Rio, 4 sd
Total price: 22 sd

zaterdag 29 mei 2010

New writer!

Hey readers! :)
Because Lynda, Vlada and i don't have very much time, (Homework, GRRR)
i choosed a new writer.

It's a very nice girl, but she can also write very good.
I'm talking about:

Congratulations! :)

xx Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Platforms

Hi girls,
The Hot Buys Platforms are in starplaza!
They are 7 stardollars and for superstars.
I really like them!

[sorry for the small pic]

Topshop boots

Do you like them?

Sanne ♥

donderdag 27 mei 2010

Hot Buys June In Real

Hey readers :)
I've searched the Hot Buys in real.

I've found these:

Topshop Necklace

Topshop shorts

Mochino Cheap&Chic coat

Marc Jacobs platforms

Mulberry dress

Topshop top

Topshop bikini

Topshop skirt

Do you like these Hot Buys?
I think stardoll should make a Topshop-shop in starplaza :)
What do you think? comment please =D

Much love,
Sanne ♥

woensdag 26 mei 2010

Grandpa ♥

Dear readers,
I wanted to say that the best grandpa ever died yesterday.

Rest in peace grandpa, you'll always be in my heart. I'll never forget you.

Much love,
Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Crop Top

The Hot Buys Crop Top is in starplaza:

Topshop corset

Do you like it?
x Sanne ♥

maandag 24 mei 2010

Spotlight Magazine is released!

Dear readers,
I'm very proud, here's the cover:

Click HERE to se the whole issue.

Please comment on Spotlight's blog, i need to know what you think about it :)

Very much love,
Sanne ♥

Hot Buys June

Hi :D
the Hot Buys from June are in the magazine.
I'll post the stuff in real when i got them all!

Sanne ♥

zaterdag 22 mei 2010

Lady Gaga Bad Romance Tutorial

Omg, you have to see this, it's amazing! :)

Hot Buys Purse

Hi readers :)
The Hot Buys purse is in starplaza. I think it's more a bag than a purse, i'll say bag to it :P
I think it's a nice bag, but it's a little bit expencive for a little bag:

Bag by Topshop

Do you like it?
Please comment :)

Much love,
Sanne ♥

BTW: My computer wont let me upload the photo's from Gaga's concert, but if i have them i'll make apost about it! anyway, it was better than ANY concert xD
BTW 2: Spotlight Magazine is almost finished! Anything it needs is some backgrounds and pictures for the lay-out :P

vrijdag 21 mei 2010

Best and worst dressed

Lushious: miladyfashion

I love this, its so different and funky!. The accessories work too, well done :-)

Lunacy: supercoollorn

This is like ghetto style crossed with a bit of freakiness. Everythings baggy and shapeless. I really don't know why she had to put on that top and waistcoat, if she'd have worn a nice vest top then she wouldn't have have been this weeks worst dressed. Better luck next time.

donderdag 20 mei 2010

Hot Buys Belt

Hi girls!
The Hot Buys Belt is in starplaza. It's 6 stardollars and for superstars.
I think it's very nice!

Topshop belt

What do you think?

Much love,
Sanne ♥

woensdag 19 mei 2010

Hot Buys Minnie Body

Hi pretty's!
Also, the Hot Buys Minnie Body is in starplaza. it's 15 stardollars and it's for superstars. It's so cute!

Body by Topshop

Do you like it?

Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Skirt

Hi Girls (& Boys),
The Hot Buys Skirt is finally in starplaza,

Does anyone knows who the designer is?

xx Sanne ♥

Sale in ELLE shop

Hi =D
There's sale in the ELLE shop, 50% off!

Hurry up! The ELLE shop is so nice =D

Sanne ♥

New Miss Sixty Shop

Hey readers :)
The new Miss Sixty shop is in starplaza:

I love the denim jacket on the right :)
Here's the mood book:

But some stuff in the mood book isn't in the Miss Sixty shop...

Do you like the shop?
What's your favourite piece from the shop and what's your favourite piece in the mood book?

Sanne  ♥

dinsdag 18 mei 2010

Higher prizes in starbazaar

Now you can sell your stuff for MORE than 60 stardollars.

This is very safe to sell your DKNY.
What do you think?

Sanne ♥