dinsdag 29 juni 2010

Hot Buys July 2010 in real

Hey readers :)
Sorry for not posting much, but i have a school musical so i have to practice for that. I'm still trying to post! So here are July's Hot Buys in real. I'll also put under the pictures when they are coming in starplaza. Here are they from left to right and from top to bottom:

July Hot Buys

Clothes on the left side:

Hot Buys Earrings
In shop: 14 July
Topshop Earrings

Hot Buys Heart Shades
In shop: 3 July

H&M Sunglasses

Hot Buys Striped Bag
In shop: 30 July

H&M bag

Hot Buys Dress
In shop: 27 July

Versace dress

Clothes on the first doll:

Hot Buys Peace Shirt
In shop: 10 July


Hot Buys Stud Skirt
In shop: 22 July

Topshop skirt

Hot Buys Knee Socks
Evil Panda
In shop: 12 July

(I THINK) Inspired by Topshop

Hot Buys Sandals
In shop: 8 July

H&M Flats

Clothes on the 2nd doll:

Hot Buys Head Bow
Pretty in Pink
In shop: 1 July

Topshop Head Bow

Hot Buys Patch Dress
Pretty in Pink
In shop: 6 July

Versace dress

What do you think about July's Hot Buys?
 Which is your favourite piece?
And which is your favourite piece in real, and do you like the Hot Buys In real?

Also, please comment here or contact me (Super-girl.8) if you know where the Hot Buys Peace Shirt is designed by.

Comments? :D

Xoxo Sanne ♥

zondag 27 juni 2010

Tribute Store's in Starplaza:

♥Hello! Stardoll has been coming out with more and more goregous Tribute Stores. So far, they have come out with: Chanel, DVF, Just Cavalli, and Sonia Rykel. Which one is your favorite?

vrijdag 25 juni 2010

Hii Girls,

The July HotBuys are in the SD Magazine.
Let's check them out.

The Glasses and Bag are from H&M, I have the Glasses in RL.
I love the most things.
How about you?
I think Sanne gonna find the rest of the HB in RL ;)


dinsdag 22 juni 2010

Missing Chanel Bag, New Lay-out, Guest Writer and finally Spotlight Mag on SMW!

Hey there :)
I got some things to say.

Let's start with the missing Chanel bag. (Thanks to Stardoll's Most Wanted)
This is the missing bag, it's not in the Chanel shop, but when you search on 'bag' and 'brown', than you'll find this bag:

Comments please,  if you like this bag :)

Then, als 2nd, you maybe saw that this blog is changed =D
We have a new lay-out AND a new blog banner. Please tell us what you think in the comments!
Here's the blogbanner:

(I know that the dress that i'm wearing does not even exist, but i made this dress xd I just took 2 May-Kate and Ashley dresses, and made one of them black and changed it a little bit.)

We are thinking about choosing a guest writer every month, because Lynz, Vlada and i can't post always, and we're very busy right now.
 I'll just put your doll on the sidebar of the blog, so i don't need to change the banner every month. If you were a really good guest writer, we'll maybe choose you as a real writer ;)
(And, yes, Chloe, you'll be the first guest writer EVER.)


Yep, that's right! Jenna finally posted about us (Spotlight mag) on the well known blog: Stardoll's Most Wanted! SMW is my favourite blog, so i was very happy =D Here is a part of the post xd :

I know it's very, VERY short, but now Spotlight Magazine finally gets some visitors :)

Ok, this was all i wanted to tell you.
I'll also post about some other things.
Comments please? :D

Xoxo Sanne ♥

Summer Blow out Gift

Dear Readers,
This is the last week of the summer blow out.
And like Stardoll said, there's a gift!
If you filt it 4 weeks in a row you get:
I adore it! It was worthed that 800 SD.
How about you?


maandag 21 juni 2010

This week's Gift-O-Meter

Hey readers :)

This weeks Gift-o-Meter, and also the last Gift-o-Meter is out! Check it out:

hmm.. I like this gift-o-meter. But i don't like the 200 sd dress.
What do you think?

Xoxo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Necklace

Hi again :)

Also the Hot Buys Necklace is out!
It's only 6 stardollars, it's from Fudge Girls and it's for superstar.

Necklace by Topshop

I totally love it!
It's sooo cute! :)

What do you think? :)

xoxo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Shoes

Hello readers =D
The Hot Buys Shoes are out.
They're 7 stardollars, they're from bisou and they're for superstars:

Shoes by Marc Jacobs

Hmmm... I don't know what i think about it.
What do you think?

Xoxo Sanne ♥

donderdag 17 juni 2010

Luxe makeup

Hi readers :)
There's finally a new brand of makeup in starplaza :) It's called 'Luxe'.
There are very nice colors, check it out! :

'Luxe lips'

'Luxe' eyes

I love these colors! Also, when you put them on, they sparkle :D
But, the prizes are very high.
All the lipstick is 20 stardollars, Lipgloss (to let your lips shine) is 24 stardollars, and all the eyeshadow is 22 stardollars.

What do you think about the 'Luxe' colors?
Comments? :D

I love you all :)

Xoxo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Coat

Hey :)
The Hot Buys Coat is in starplaza.
I thought it would be very nice, because i saw the real version. The stardoll version isn't very nice. The coats is from Pretty In Pink, it's 20 stardollars amd ofcourse it's for superstars.
[Sorry for the small pic]

Coat by Moschino

I LOVE the coat in real! I want it! :D
It's fabulous ♥ :)

What do you think?

xo Sanne ♥

15 New hairstyles for Superstars

Hello readers :)
There are 15 new hairstyles for superstars!
Some of them are nice, some are weird xD
I'll show you all the hairstyles and i'll tell you what i think.
Hairstyle 1:
I don't know what to say about it. I think it's nice, but there's also something that i don't like...

Hairstyle 2:
Hmmm... A little bit nice.

Hairstyle 3:
I like it, but it makes your face look like a square...
Hairstyle 4:
This is a '60 hairstyle. But your head looks so long with it!

Hairstyle 5:
I love this hairstyle! It looks very chic, this is one of my favourites.

Hairstyle 6:
I think this hairstyle isn't nice. Maybe for a grandma?

Hairstyle 7:
I don't know... it's now my favourite.
Hairstyle 8:
I would never choose this hairstyle. I think it looks horibble ^^

Hairstyle 9:
I like this one! Didn't stardoll use this on a Hot Buys Doll or something?

Hairstyle 10:
I just don't like it.

Hairstyle 11:
Also don't like this one.

Hairstyle 12:
This hairstyle doesn't look nice :P

Hairstyle 13:
I really like this one, it's a '50 hairstyle, right?

Hairstyle 14:
Got no words for this ^^ But maybe you should try it when you wanna look like The Statue of Liberty. :D

Hairstyle 15:
I like it, but maybe a but too high?

What do you think?
Do you have the same opinion as i have?

Sanne ♥