vrijdag 5 november 2010


Hey honeyz,

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, but i'm in the first year of high school now, so its a little bit hectic wit all the homework and the tests. And ofcourse i'm speaking Dutch in real, but i chose for bilingual lessons, so i get all my lessons and homework in English. That's a litte but hard in the beginning, so sorry for not posting for so long.

After all, this blog just can't go further without a new writer who had enough time. So please read the post below, maby it's something for you :)

Always yours,

[ To read more about me, i started a blog about fashion, so here you can read it: http://sannesfashionworld.blogspot.com/ ]

woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Searching for new writers

Dear readers/followers,visitors,

We are sorry for not posting last month. We are all busy with too much homework, so sometimes we forget to post. The free time that we have, is not long so we are not always able to post on this blog.

Our question is:

Do you want to be a writer on this blog, or do you know someone who is a good writer and also wants to be a writer?

These are the rules;

- You got to post at least 1 post per day. [It's ok when you couldn't one day because of some private reasons, but just try to post enough]
- Don't post about stuff that we don't need to know. Like you have found something for 2 stardollars in the starbazaar, or that you've found a nice design.
- Please don't advertise for your starbazaar or for friends who want to be covergirl. That's not what our readers want to read.
- We always use banners on this blog, so please ask me or a friends to make a banner that you can use.

Here is the application form: [Credit Underneath Stardoll]

Stardoll Name:

Information about you:
Do you have the time and are you on stardoll a lot?:
Why you want to be a writer here?:
Can you meet the expectations of all the above:
Part of your writing skills(personal blog or blogs you write for):

Thanks for ready and we hope that a lot of people want to write on this blog. There are definetly writers needed.

Your always,
Sanne ♥

zondag 19 september 2010


Hey :)
There's a new store in starplaza where you can buy stuff in your suite. It's called 'Glow'. Here is it:

Do you like it, and will you be buying anything?

xo ♥

Hot Buys Glitter Bag

Hey there =)
The Hot Buys Glitter Bag is out. It's 6 stardollars, it's only availible for superstars and you can buy it in the RIO shop. Here it is:

Does anyone know what's the real life version?

x Sanne ♥

Mortal Kiss store in starplaza

Hey there! :)
There's a new store opened in starplaza, called: 'Mortal Kiss'. There are 73 different items ins the Mortal kiss store and the prices are from 3 until 16 stardollars. That means the stuff in the shop is not really expensive. There are also much items availible for non-superstars, so they can save some money if they saw something nice in this shop :) This shop has 5 floors. that's pretty much. Here is the whole store:

[The pictures are a little bit small, because if i would make them bigger and do them all on their own, it would take me much more time. sorry for that!]

Do you like this shop? Will you be buying anything? and What is your favourite item? Comments!! xd

xxx Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Dress

Hey readers :)
The Hot Buys Dress inspired by Donna Karan is out. It is 16 stardollars, you can buy it in the voile shop and it's only availible for superstars. Here is the dress :

Donna Karan Dress

Which version do you like better? Real or on stardoll? Comments? XD

xoxo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Transparent Umbrella

Hey =D
The 'Hot Buys Transparent Umbrella' is out. It's only 5 stardollars, it's only for superstars :(, and you can get it by 'Evil Panda'. That means that when you're superstar and got no stardollars, you can get it vry easy with ply&earn :) But... it looks a little bit weird on your doll. xd Here it is:

Vision umbrella??? (I'm not sure yet...)

Do you like it? ;D

xo Sanne ♥

Couture tribute shop

Hey pretty's ♥

There's a Couture tribute shop in starplaza. The shop had wonderful pieces of couture. Something about the shop; There are 2 different pair of shoes and 16 different pieces of couture. The prices are from 18 until 75 stardollars. Do you want to see those clothes in real? Then click HERE. Here is the couture tribute shop:

Do you like it, love it, hate it, or you don't know? What's you favourite piece? :D Please comment to this post, to let me know what you think about this Couture tribute shop.

xoxo Sanne ♥

Big blog update!

Hey lovely readers!

I'm sorry for about 10 days not posting. I'm just on my new school for a week. (High school) And we did a lot with our new class and we had a lot of homework. That's why i needed to relax sometimes after school, and i just couldn't post all the new things.

I'm going to post all the things i missed today, even when i know it's too late, i really want them to be still on the blog.

Some other information:

Yay, we have almost 50 followers! I know it's not that much, but, for this blog, it is :) It's not really a special blog and not many people visit it. So i'm happy that almost 50 people do it :)

We had over 16.000 visitors, which i'm very happy with :)

Are there any writers here? Vlada, Lynda? And could Benteliv post?

Ok, that's what i wanted to say for now. The following posts are probably some old stuff, but how more the posts, how newer the news :D:D

Loooooooooads of loveee ♥


zondag 5 september 2010

Hot Buys Budgies Top

Helloooooo xD
The Hot Buys Budgies Top is in starplaza. It is 7 stardollars, it is for superstars and you can find it in 'Fudge'. Here is the Budgies top:


Does anyone know who it's inspired by? Then please contact me or tell it in comments :)

x Sanne ♥

Hot Buys 'felt' Hat

Hello (-;
The Hot Buys Hat inspired by Stella McCartney is back, but it's just called; Felt Hat. Anyways, it was in Septembers Hot Buys list, so i'm sure it's one of the Hot Buys. The hat is only 5 stardollars (i think that's a reasonable price) , for superstars and you can find it by 'Decades'. Here is the cute hat:

Hat inspired by Stella McCartney

Do you like this hat, and will you be buying it?

I'm definetly gonna buy it, because i think it's very cute ;]

xoxo Sanne ♥

New otto store out

Hi :)
There's also a new otto store out. Ofcourse, this is a hidden store for some countries, so click HERE to get all the clothes in your dressing room. Something about the store: The prices are from 2 untill 9 stardollars, so that's not really expensive. There are 59 different items in the new otto store and the most items are for superstars. Here is the otto shop:

What do you think about this new otto shop, and will you be buying anything?

xxxx Sanne ♥

New LE collection out

Hey again ;D
I know i'm much too late, but i still wanted to tell you that there's a new LE collection out. The prices are from 25 stardollars till 200 stardollars. Ofcourse, all LE is only availible for superstars and the most stuff is already sold out now. The new LE collection has three floors. Here is the collection:

Do you like this new collection, and did you buy anything?

I only bought a bag and a little accesoire.

xxx Sanne ♥

Endangered species September: Tree Kangaroo

Hey there :)
The endangered species of this month is the 'Tree Kangaroo'. Here is something about the Tree Kangaroo ;)

It looks a little like a teddy bear, climbs trees with the ease of a monkey, but what's a kangaroo doing up a tree? It’s the amazing Matschie's tree kangaroo, who makes its home in the ancient trees of Papua New Guinea's cloud forest.

Do you want this cute Tree Kangaroo in your suite for free? Then go to; http://www.stardoll.com/en/campaigns/endangered-species/?animalId=9   and click on 'Adopt me' .

Do you like this Tree Kangaroo? And will you adopt it?

xoxo Sanne ♥

maandag 30 augustus 2010

Hot Buys September 2010 in Real

Hey there :)
I've got all the Hot Buys in real now and i decided to stop with all those huge posts everymonth where is in when the Hot Buys come out, and no one even cares when the Hot Buys come out. Or do you? :P If you care then you can go to the Stardoll magazine :D

Anyway, here are the Hot Buys in real. from left to right and from top to bottom.

On the left side:

Suit by Donna Karan

Pringle of Scotland Sweater dress

On the doll:

Donna Karan dress

Stella McCartney wedges

On the right side:

JC Jeans&Clothes clock necklace

Stella McCartney Hat

Jacket by J. Mendel

These were September 2010's Hot Buys in Real. Do you like them and which one is your favourite?

Do you know where the Hot Buys Transparent Umbrella, the Hot Buys Glitter Bag and the Hot Buys Budgies Top are inspired by? Than please send me a comment or contact me on stardoll in my guestbook or in my mailbox. (Super-girl.8) Thankyou!

Xoxo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Shoes

Hello readers ;)
The lovely Hot Buys Shoes are finally out! They are 8 stardollars, for superstars and they are from the Pretty in Pink shop. I have to say that i absolutely adore them. :) The stardoll ones, but also the real ones. Here are they:

H&M Shoes

Don't you love them? Aren't they adorable? :)

Sanne ♥

Stardoll and the city 'Shopping poses'

Hi again ;-)
Remember the 'Tea Time cape' which you can put on your medoll, and your medoll gets another pose? There are (hidden) shopping poses in starplaza. They are used to be in the Stardoll and the city shop, but they're not. So here is how to get them :

1. Go to search
2. Search for the Stardoll and the city shop
3. Go to the 5th and the 6th page
4. Find the one that matches your dolls skin colour!

The best of all... Those shopping poses are only 4 stardollars! Stardoll is getting better ;) But, they are still only availible for superstars, which i think is really unfair.

Will you be buying one of these shopping poses, and do you like that stardoll makes some stuff to let your doll look different?

Comments? :D

Much love,
Sanne ♥