zondag 19 september 2010

Big blog update!

Hey lovely readers!

I'm sorry for about 10 days not posting. I'm just on my new school for a week. (High school) And we did a lot with our new class and we had a lot of homework. That's why i needed to relax sometimes after school, and i just couldn't post all the new things.

I'm going to post all the things i missed today, even when i know it's too late, i really want them to be still on the blog.

Some other information:

Yay, we have almost 50 followers! I know it's not that much, but, for this blog, it is :) It's not really a special blog and not many people visit it. So i'm happy that almost 50 people do it :)

We had over 16.000 visitors, which i'm very happy with :)

Are there any writers here? Vlada, Lynda? And could Benteliv post?

Ok, that's what i wanted to say for now. The following posts are probably some old stuff, but how more the posts, how newer the news :D:D

Loooooooooads of loveee ♥


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