vrijdag 30 juli 2010

70 milion members items

Finally stardoll got 70 milion members! There for we got some free items in our suite. Like always they are crappy and they look cheap. I hate them.

70 million members!

Hi readers!
When i logged in to stardoll, i saw that stardoll finally has 70 million members! Isn't that VERY much? :D
I didn't see any 70 million members-stuff, but maybe there will be some free stuff soon, so keep your eyes open! Maybe there's something in spoilers? But i don't know where to find spoilers xd

xo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Striped Bag

Hey :)
The Hot Buys Striped Bag is in starplaza.
It's 7 strardollars, for superstars and it's from Bisou. It's inspired by a real life H&M bag.

Bag by H&M

Do you like it?

xoxo Sanne ♥

donderdag 29 juli 2010

Guest writers August 2010

Hey there :)
You might know that we now have a guest writer every month. First, our guest writer would be Shopaholic, A.k.a Chloe, but she leaved stardoll so i chose 2 new guest writers.

Why 2 new guest writers?
Because i'm going on vacation in a few days, and i'm going for a week, so i can't post then. With 2 extra writers this blog will be updated as much as it can =D

So, our two new guest writers are:

Aka Ayla
Also known from: Medoll of the month March 2010 on SFM, in stardoll's best dressed (comp), on the cover of Spotlight Magazine, etc.

Aka Bente
Also known from: Medoll of the month April 2010 on SFM, in the Miss stardoll show, In stardoll's best dressed (comp), etc.

Maybe you already saw a post from one of then, but from the beginning of August until the ending of August, you will see their posts. (Maybe longer, if they're good writers and i forget to delete them as a writer :P)

Do you like those new writers?

Much love,
 Sanne ♥

Philippe Starck items are soon in Suite shop

Hey readers,
Soon there will be Philippe Starck items in the suite shop. What do you think?


New Luxe colours

Hi readers,
There are also some new Luxe makeup colours in Starplaza.
I think these are very bright colours. Ofcourse, the lipsticks are 20 stardollars and the eyeshadows are 22 stardollars. Still expencive!
Here are the new colours:

Do you like this new Luxe collection?

xo Sanne ♥

Hot Buys Dress

Hey there :)
The Hot Buys Dress is out!
It's for superstars, it's 16 stardollars and it's from Rio. It's inspired by Versace. Here's the dress in real and on stardoll:

Versace dress

What do you think?
Which version is better?

xx Sanne ♥

L'occitane make up in starplaza!

So the L'occitane make up that was a few days ago in the spoilers has been released! I don't like it at all. much of the colors are already in starplaza, or have been in starplaza.(sephora) And for these simple colors so much money?! Stardoll is these days only about money and I'm getting sick of it. I'm sure there won't be much people who will buy the make up.

zondag 25 juli 2010

Sanne & Lynda's Topshop special :)

Hey there :)
Lynda and i where só bored, so we went to Topshop.com for YOU  to search every Topshop thing that we could find, that's also on stardoll. (Just to show you, how much things stardoll copies from Topshop)  So, here's everything:


So, these where all the things we could find :)
Which ones are your favourite? And are the real versions or the stardoll versions better?
Please comment :)

xoxo Sanne & Lynda ♥

Garden Variety

Hey readers :)
There is some new stuff in the shop 'Garden Variety'.  Very much roses, huge tea cups, vases and others. The prices are from 2 till 14 stardollars.

What do you think. Are these flowers better than the previous ones in Garden Variety?

xoxo Sanne ♥

BTW: Our Guest writer Shopaholic (AKA Chloe) is leaving stardoll, so we have a new guest wruter called Syligirl. (Ayla)

Poll about Spotlight Magazine

Hey there!
I just don't know if i need to make a new Spotlight magazine, so i created a poll where you can vote. If you got something else to say, or some tips, than please comment to this post!

xoxo Sanne ♥

zaterdag 24 juli 2010

JCP teen is out

Hey there :)
There's a new shop out. It's called jcp Teen.
The prices are from 6 until 10 stardollars. The whole shop is only 14 items, and 6 of them are for superstars.

If you can't go to the shop (just like me :P) thank click HERE.

xoxo Sanne ♥

donderdag 22 juli 2010

Hot Buys Stud Skirt

Hi there cuties :)
The Hot Buys Stud Skirt is out.
It's 10 stardollars, for superstars and it's from Bisou.
I don't know what to think about it, it's not really my style...
Here is it:

Topshop Skirt

What do you think about this skirt?
And which one is better? The stardoll one or the Topshop one?

Much love,
 Sanne ♥