donderdag 29 juli 2010

Guest writers August 2010

Hey there :)
You might know that we now have a guest writer every month. First, our guest writer would be Shopaholic, A.k.a Chloe, but she leaved stardoll so i chose 2 new guest writers.

Why 2 new guest writers?
Because i'm going on vacation in a few days, and i'm going for a week, so i can't post then. With 2 extra writers this blog will be updated as much as it can =D

So, our two new guest writers are:

Aka Ayla
Also known from: Medoll of the month March 2010 on SFM, in stardoll's best dressed (comp), on the cover of Spotlight Magazine, etc.

Aka Bente
Also known from: Medoll of the month April 2010 on SFM, in the Miss stardoll show, In stardoll's best dressed (comp), etc.

Maybe you already saw a post from one of then, but from the beginning of August until the ending of August, you will see their posts. (Maybe longer, if they're good writers and i forget to delete them as a writer :P)

Do you like those new writers?

Much love,
 Sanne ♥

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