dinsdag 30 maart 2010

Hot Buys April 2010

Hi cuties! :)
I'm very very happy, because my mom said i could send a text-message to stardoll, so now i have 2 LE items :)  Something about the LE, it's all sold out now :(
Did you like the LE collection? Please send a comment! (Only me, Lynda and 3 readers are commenting.)

Now back to the Hot Buys! :)

The Hot Buys from April are finally in the magazine. I'll tell the dates that they're availible in starplaza and i'll show the real versions one more time. Here are the Hot Buys:

 (: From top to bottom and from the left to the right :

Hot Buys Silk Dress
Pretty in Pink
In shop April 3

Paul&Joe Sister Dress

Hot Buys Dress
Evil Panda
In Shop April 6

Marc Jacobs Dress

Hot Buys Shirt
In shop April 16

Alice by Temperley shirt

Hot Buys Swimsuit
In shop April 10

Zimmermann swimsuit

Hot Buys Shorts
Pretty in Pink
In shop April 1

Alice by Temperley shorts

Hot Buys Bow Belt
Pretty in Pink
In shop April 22

Topshop Enamel bow elastic belt

Hot Buys Skirt
Pretty in Pink
In shop April 13

Dolce&Gabanna Skirt

Hot Buys Purse
In shop April 8

Topshop Bag

Hot Buys Dress
In shop April 19

Anyone knows who the designer of this dress is?

Hot Buys Shoe
In shop April 15

Marc Jacobs Shoe

I really like the hotbuys this month :) What do you think?

Sanne ♥

maandag 29 maart 2010

New LE Collection is out

thee new LE collection is out, it's awesome!

I was hoping that it would come wednesday, cause then i will get 200 stardollars, but now i only have 22 stardollars. so i can't buy anything :(:(:(

Anyway, what do you think about the collection?

Sanne AKA Super-girl.8 ♥

New LE released

the new LE is out, i'll post the pictures later xx

Falle Angel Hot Buys Vest

The Hot Buys Fur vest is in starplaza:

Versace fur vest

... Do you like it?
Sanne ♥

zondag 28 maart 2010

Best and worst dressed

This week I just had to have 2 best dressed people because they both deserve to be on the blog.

Lushious: dancingvictoria

This is cute!, I'd never have thought to layer the dress and the top. The skirts layered too and it adds a little extra something to the outfit. She accessorised nicely, however she could have used a different bag or no bag at all, its only a small grievence though. Good work!

Lushious: zvaarguliite

Tres chic!, omg I'm speaking french, Mrs Okendon (my french teacher) would be proud. Love the white and beige with the smart blazer and her hairs gorgeous. *Gives a thumbs up*

Lunacy: cutecb11

This is proof of how one peice of clothing can ruin everything. She wouldn't have been the worst dressed if she'd left off those enormous, ugly sleeves but unfortunately she put them on so here we are. I'm not crazy about the belt or the shoes either and the bag isn't the same shade so that bugs me. Better luck next time!

Hot Buys Spring doll : Inspired by :)

Hi !
I can't wait untill the April Hotbuys are coming to the magazine, so i've searched in internet to the clothes that the HB Spring doll wears, here are some real life versions...:

I really like them, how about you?
Leave a comment!

Sanne ♥

zaterdag 27 maart 2010

Earth hour.

Hi readers,
It's almost earth hour...
All i wanna say is; If you really care about our earth, then tun your lights off.

Happy earth hour XD

Sanne ♥


Spring style!

Hey everyone!, I'm back, miss me?, lol. I've had to endure tests at school this week but I've survived and I now have 2 weeks holiday!. So that means I will (probably) post regularly. Its been a while since I created some outfits and I thought you might need a few ideas for what to wear this spring (plus I just enjoy mucking around in the starplaza). I made 3 looks using a floral skirt since springs all about flowers (and baby animals....hmm....ideas...*slaps self* no Lynda DO NOT try to make yourself look like a lamb!, snap out of it and write something sensible for these people)


Hat: Decades, 3sd

Top: Candies at Kohls, 7sd

Skirt: Bisou, 9sd

Stockings (tights): Voile, 2sd

Shoes: Candies at Kohls, 6sd

Bag: DKNY, 10sd


Jacket: Bisou, 6sd
Top: Basics, 3sd
Belt: Rio, 1sd
Skirt: Bisou, 9sd
Shoes: Elle, 9sd

Necklace: Baby phat, 12sd
Top: Bisou, 5sd
Skirt: Bisou, 9sd
Bracelet: Baby phat, 5sd
Shoes: Pretty in pink, 4sd
Bag: Rio, 4sd
Like them?, have a favourite look?, plz leave a comment!

Spring Dolls dress up competition

Hi readers!
I'm gonna make a Spring doll competition for everyone. Everyone can enter, even writers! :)
This is wat you have to do:

1. Write in the comments or in my guestbook that you're in the competition. (You can also mail to Stardoll.Fashion.x@hotmail.com)
2. Dress up one of these Spring dolls:

Hot Buys Spring 2010 (SS doll)

Elle Spring 09

DKNY Spring 2008 - 3



Vivienne Tam Spring 08

3. Then make a tinypic of it. (If you send it to our email adress you can send the whole 'file')

Everyone can enter! You can win 30 Stardollars or 5 Superstar gifts. Good luck everyone!

Sanne ♥