zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Best and worst dressed

Sorry that I haven't been posting much recently but real life has rudely yanked me out of stardoll and my 'no worries' zone. I have speaking tests in my French and Spanish classes and I have to do an important essay for history, eek!. Its my brains idea of hell, lol. Anyway heres the best and worst dressed for this week.

Lushious: fredder

I don't normally like that weird top with the tight sleeve and the loose sleeve but teamed with the rest of this outfit it looks awsome and sophisticated. Instead of wearing a pair of heels she chose the philosophy boots and it was the right decision.

Lunacy: xxNomes84xx

Oh em gee........this is raver gone wrong!. The accessories and boots make it look 10 times worse and I hate it when people wear fairy wings randomly. It also looks like shes been eating blueberry jam and smeared it round her mouth like a 3 year old. Better luck next time!

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