dinsdag 30 maart 2010

Hot Buys April 2010

Hi cuties! :)
I'm very very happy, because my mom said i could send a text-message to stardoll, so now i have 2 LE items :)  Something about the LE, it's all sold out now :(
Did you like the LE collection? Please send a comment! (Only me, Lynda and 3 readers are commenting.)

Now back to the Hot Buys! :)

The Hot Buys from April are finally in the magazine. I'll tell the dates that they're availible in starplaza and i'll show the real versions one more time. Here are the Hot Buys:

 (: From top to bottom and from the left to the right :

Hot Buys Silk Dress
Pretty in Pink
In shop April 3

Paul&Joe Sister Dress

Hot Buys Dress
Evil Panda
In Shop April 6

Marc Jacobs Dress

Hot Buys Shirt
In shop April 16

Alice by Temperley shirt

Hot Buys Swimsuit
In shop April 10

Zimmermann swimsuit

Hot Buys Shorts
Pretty in Pink
In shop April 1

Alice by Temperley shorts

Hot Buys Bow Belt
Pretty in Pink
In shop April 22

Topshop Enamel bow elastic belt

Hot Buys Skirt
Pretty in Pink
In shop April 13

Dolce&Gabanna Skirt

Hot Buys Purse
In shop April 8

Topshop Bag

Hot Buys Dress
In shop April 19

Anyone knows who the designer of this dress is?

Hot Buys Shoe
In shop April 15

Marc Jacobs Shoe

I really like the hotbuys this month :) What do you think?

Sanne ♥

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