zondag 28 maart 2010

Best and worst dressed

This week I just had to have 2 best dressed people because they both deserve to be on the blog.

Lushious: dancingvictoria

This is cute!, I'd never have thought to layer the dress and the top. The skirts layered too and it adds a little extra something to the outfit. She accessorised nicely, however she could have used a different bag or no bag at all, its only a small grievence though. Good work!

Lushious: zvaarguliite

Tres chic!, omg I'm speaking french, Mrs Okendon (my french teacher) would be proud. Love the white and beige with the smart blazer and her hairs gorgeous. *Gives a thumbs up*

Lunacy: cutecb11

This is proof of how one peice of clothing can ruin everything. She wouldn't have been the worst dressed if she'd left off those enormous, ugly sleeves but unfortunately she put them on so here we are. I'm not crazy about the belt or the shoes either and the bag isn't the same shade so that bugs me. Better luck next time!

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