zaterdag 27 maart 2010

Spring style!

Hey everyone!, I'm back, miss me?, lol. I've had to endure tests at school this week but I've survived and I now have 2 weeks holiday!. So that means I will (probably) post regularly. Its been a while since I created some outfits and I thought you might need a few ideas for what to wear this spring (plus I just enjoy mucking around in the starplaza). I made 3 looks using a floral skirt since springs all about flowers (and baby animals....hmm....ideas...*slaps self* no Lynda DO NOT try to make yourself look like a lamb!, snap out of it and write something sensible for these people)


Hat: Decades, 3sd

Top: Candies at Kohls, 7sd

Skirt: Bisou, 9sd

Stockings (tights): Voile, 2sd

Shoes: Candies at Kohls, 6sd

Bag: DKNY, 10sd


Jacket: Bisou, 6sd
Top: Basics, 3sd
Belt: Rio, 1sd
Skirt: Bisou, 9sd
Shoes: Elle, 9sd

Necklace: Baby phat, 12sd
Top: Bisou, 5sd
Skirt: Bisou, 9sd
Bracelet: Baby phat, 5sd
Shoes: Pretty in pink, 4sd
Bag: Rio, 4sd
Like them?, have a favourite look?, plz leave a comment!

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