donderdag 31 december 2009

Happy New year.

Best medoll of 2009

Heya girls !
It's 31 dec. 2009...
I think it's time to tell everybody the winner of the 'Best medoll of 2009' awards;

[ The poll ]

Vladatje : 2 Votes
Lazylyn : 14 Votes
Anita_o : 3 Votes
irennnnna: 51 Votes
Keira-V : 2 Votes
Cora___ : 1 Vote
Sinbabee : 11 Votes
Lollyrozy : 1 Vote
Ms.Brigitte : 2 Votes
Willieke : 0 Votes
Other : 40 votes (!!!)

Total votes :  127

So , i think it's clear who is the winner :P
Congratz to :


1. Irennnnna
About Irennnnna :

Name : Irena
Age : 20
Country : Latvia
Stardoll Member since : 2008-10-31

Visit her suite HERE.

But , theres also a 2th and a 3th place...

Also Congratz to :

2. Lazylyn

About Lazylyn :

Name : Lynda ( Lynz )
Age : 16
Country : Great Britain ( England )
 Stardoll Member Since : 2006-11-23

Click HERE to visit her suite.

3. Sinbabee

About Sinbabee :

Name : Courtney
Age : 13
Country : Great Britain ( England )
Stardoll Member Since : 2007-04-18

Visit her suite HERE.

So , congratz to the winners , the prizes are secret. Do you wanna be the medoll of January 2010 ? ( Or any other month :P)
Contact us !
Send a dollmail ( stardoll ) to : Super-girl.8 or lazylyn

Lots of love ,

woensdag 30 december 2009

Hot Buys January 2010

Hii Girls ♥

Here are they , the first Hot buys from 2010.

From top to Bottom:
On the doll:
Hot buys Wrap
In shop 1 January

Hot Buys Silver Dress
in shop 5 January

Hot Buys Purse
Pretty in Pink
In shop 30 January

Hot Buys Shoes
In shop 14 January

Right from the doll:
Hot Buys Top
In shop 31 January

Hot Buys Bracelet
In shop 7 January

Hot Buys Cardigan
Pretty in Pink
in shop 28 January

Hot Buys Coat
In shop 12 January

Hot Buys Dress
In shop 26 January

Hot Buys Tights
Evil Panda
In shop 21 January

Hot Buys Purse
Pretty in Pink
In shop 30 January

What do you think about them ?
Send us a comment.
Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥

By: Super-girl.8
Photos: Magazine on

Hot Buys Studded Dress

Hi girls ,
The Hot Buys Studded dress is availible in starplaza now.

I don't really like it. How about you?
Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥

Antidote shoes ?

Hey girls ,
I've found these antidote shoes , for only 4 stardollars...
( They're ofcourse not REAL Antidote )

When you buy them, you'll get them in the official antidote box, how cute ! =3
What do you think about it ?
Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥

Faith Hill dress back in starplaza ?

Heya girls ,
the Faith Hill dress is back in starplaza !
Check out Starplaza archive.

Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥

Decade of the Teens

Hey girls !
Check out the "Decade of the teens" shop in starplaza.

The winning designers are :

Congratz girls!
What do you think about the designs ? send us a comment!


Hi girls !
Go to the magazine,type something , and you'll get this t-shirt;

Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥

maandag 28 december 2009

Winners designcontest

Hey girls ,
remember the design contest ? The designs from the winners are availible in starplaza now!

The shop is gonna be named ; Decade of the teens.
[Click to enlarge]

These girls are the lucky winners :  

Ladyhahaha  ?

Congratz girls !

Lots of love ,

There's a new doll for superstars , Lily Cole 2.

She has the clothes from the designers :)
xo ♥

zaterdag 26 december 2009

Don't know what to wear ?!

Hiya girls !
We all know the problem , party with your friends , what to wear?
Now there are also parties on stardoll... WHAT TO WEAR ? Don't worry , i've found some cute clothes that you can wear on your New year or x-mas party.

Non superstar look :

Superstar look :

Some makeup to finish the Superstar look :

(You don't have to buy it all.)

Do you like the clothes ?
Send us a comment !
Xoxo Super-girl.8

vrijdag 25 december 2009

Free 25 stardollars.

Hi girls ,
Open the calendar , and you'll get 25 stardollars for free.

Yay !

Xoxo Super-girl.8
Have a great christmas !

donderdag 24 december 2009

Free dress.

Hi girls !
Theres an free dress in the christmas calendar ! ( it's for everyone, not only for superstars.)
I'm happy it's free , cuz the dress is so damn' ugly :P

What do you think ?
Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥


woensdag 23 december 2009


 Hiyaa girls !
So many good news !
 First: Vlada is coming back to the blog !

She has more time to write now , so she came back :)

And ;
Can't believe it , girls, i have 10 pages of friends !

Party !!! :)

And also ;

To all the readers of this blog :
Me and thw writers wish you all a merry christmas and a great 2010 :) Also , thanks for reading the blog !  =]
And don't forget to...

Need more information about the blog ?
Contact us !

Sinbabee ?

Free Bracelet

Heya girls !

Check out the Superstar calendar , there's a free bracelet in it :)

Do you like it ?
Xoxo Super-girl.8 ♥

dinsdag 22 december 2009

Louis Vuitton for stardoll ?!

Waaaaaahh , is a LV shop coming to stardoll?

Think i'm gonna buy everything when it's here (A)

Xoxo Super-girl.8

EDIT: Ok , the whole shop is FAKE :P Read more about it on:

zondag 20 december 2009

Ice Queen style

Hey everyone!. Its not long until christmas now is it?. The stardoll parties are in full swing and if your having a crisis about what kind of outfit to wear, I'm here to help with a winning theme. Its wintery, its festive, its gorgeous!, its Ice Queen style!. Think blue, white and glittery and you'll easily be the best dressed doll. I've been over in the starplaza this afternoon putting together some stylish looks for you.

Mixed SS and Non SS

Non SS

And now for some makeup to complete the look!