zondag 19 september 2010

Mortal Kiss store in starplaza

Hey there! :)
There's a new store opened in starplaza, called: 'Mortal Kiss'. There are 73 different items ins the Mortal kiss store and the prices are from 3 until 16 stardollars. That means the stuff in the shop is not really expensive. There are also much items availible for non-superstars, so they can save some money if they saw something nice in this shop :) This shop has 5 floors. that's pretty much. Here is the whole store:

[The pictures are a little bit small, because if i would make them bigger and do them all on their own, it would take me much more time. sorry for that!]

Do you like this shop? Will you be buying anything? and What is your favourite item? Comments!! xd

xxx Sanne ♥

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