maandag 30 augustus 2010

Stardoll and the city 'Shopping poses'

Hi again ;-)
Remember the 'Tea Time cape' which you can put on your medoll, and your medoll gets another pose? There are (hidden) shopping poses in starplaza. They are used to be in the Stardoll and the city shop, but they're not. So here is how to get them :

1. Go to search
2. Search for the Stardoll and the city shop
3. Go to the 5th and the 6th page
4. Find the one that matches your dolls skin colour!

The best of all... Those shopping poses are only 4 stardollars! Stardoll is getting better ;) But, they are still only availible for superstars, which i think is really unfair.

Will you be buying one of these shopping poses, and do you like that stardoll makes some stuff to let your doll look different?

Comments? :D

Much love,
Sanne ♥

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