zaterdag 28 augustus 2010

Stardoll and the City shop

Hi there :)
There's a new shop out, called 'Stardoll and the City'. The clothes are inspired by real life Dior clothes and the 2nd movie S and the city. The shop has 4 floors, only 1 bracelet is availible for non-superstars (!!!) , and the prices are from 5 until 40 stardollars. That's not really cheap. Here is the new shop:

What do you think about this shop?

I think there are some very nice clothes in this shop, but the most are a little bit expensive and i think that there should be more non superstar items.

I have all the Hot Buys in real now, so i will post them tomorrow, because i have to sleep now :D
See you tomorrow!

xoxo Sanne ♥

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