maandag 23 augustus 2010

The RARE Hot Buys Patchwork bag back in Starplaza

Hey again =D
The very Rare Hot Buys Patchwork bag inspired by a.p.c. is back in starplaza. It's ofcourse in the Starplaza Archive shop, it's for only 7 stardollars and it's for superstars. Again, something that's very unfair for the Hot Buys collectors that payed very much money and time for it to find it. Here you see the bag:

The Hot Buys Patchwork bag is from Octorber 2006's Hot Buys. That means it's almost a 4 years old bag!

And here you see the real 'Patchwork Bag', inspired by A.P.C. :

[ 1 pic: Stardoll Fashion Models 2nd pic: Thanks to Hot Buys Addicted!  3th pic: Thanks to Hot Buys Addicted!]

Will you be buying this bag, or do you already have this bag? And do you think it's unfair, or are you happy to see this item back in starplaza? Please send me a comment to let me know :)

Much love,
Sanne ♥

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