zaterdag 9 januari 2010

Lynz's best and worst dressed!

I'm gonna try something new here, every week I'll pick 1 best dressed person and 1 worst dressed person and feature them on the blog. The best dressed person will be 'lushious' (I love that word) and the worst dressed person will be 'lunacy' (you know....lunatic which means crazy...).

Lushious: xLou26

Does this girl ever get it wrong?, not from what I've seen!. Everytime I visit her suite she has on a gorgeous outfit and today is no exception.


Oh dear. She should have put some colour into this all white fright!, but even then this outfit would suck. The shiny bra and corset don't work with the shorts and tights, I hate those weird moon boots and those gloves should only be worn with an elegant dress. Better luck next time.

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