zondag 31 januari 2010


Hi readers!
Tomorrow it will be...
FEBRUARY, right =D
That means there will be a new medoll of the month.
NO, i'm not gonna tell you who it is. :)
But there will be a 'GENUIS' medoll on stardoll, every month. ( Choosed by me)

Also, something about my REAL Life news, there will be very IMPORTANT test on Tuesday, Wednesday and thursday. (For school) They are called 'Cito' in The Netherlands.

They will be like exams, but on the low school =D
So, i wanted to say that i can't post very much, and i hope the other writers will post something these days :)

Wish me luck, readers!

Xoxo Sanne A.K.A Super-girl.8 ♥

3 opmerkingen:

  1. eek exams!. I hope you do well Sanne. I have exams next week which I am thrilled about (not). I won't be able to post until the weekend though, sorry.

  2. Aww poor youu!

    Best of luck for your exams!im sure you'll do great!! xxxx

  3. Aww, thanks guys, that's so sweet :)

    And Lynz, it's ok, i'll try to post something every day when i have time =)