vrijdag 6 november 2009

This is it . Michael Jackson special !

Hii Girls ,
 We all know that our king of pop is death. But his death has touched many stardolls , which is especially evident in the designs of our great designers , like Sweetlus ;


Me : Purple  Sweetlus: Pink

Why are u fan from Michael ?
Well. I have always loved his music and when I was little I always danced to his videos and I wanted to meet him and so on. I released early this year that I loved him. It was in January or something. I fell in love with him. Not becuase he is almost the worlds most famous man and so on. I fell in love with him becuase of his voice, his talent, how strong he is, how beautiful he is, how much he cares for the world and all children and becuase he is a funny guy.
Whad did you do when you heard Michael had died?
Oh well, The time was about 11 pm when I found out. Ofc I cried like crazy. I ran in to my mums bedroom and they tried to calm me down. And I still cry for him.
When you'll get a chance to go to his house (Neverland) for 200$, would you do it ?
Hahah of course :D But only if he was there :P
How did you made this amazing designs ?
Well, thats a hard question. People have always told me what an artist I am and its just something that happens when I start to draw or design things. Its so funny and I just make them haha :)
How many people has buyed your designs ?
omg, I donno if I can answer that question cuz I have no idea :P
I have been on second place on the designer list so it must have been pretty much people :P
Discribe your love for Michael Jackson ;
My love for MJ is indescribable. He is everything for me.

Thanks to you. It was very good questions and I had fun while I was answering them :)

Her album is amazing . And it's just wonderful to see her love for Michael jackson ;


Some other amazing pages ;

Sweetlus' Album                                               In Real                            

Her AMAZING Designs ;

She Also sell her designs :)
And here , is our Amazing Sweetlus ;

( Check out her suite , she has also Limited MJ designs Right , on the 2th floor , and on the 5th floor . )
I also interviewed an other Michael Jackson fan ( She's a good friend ) ;
[Interview is coming soon]

And an Other MJ Clothes designer :

And ,
From Us To MJ :
You were unbreakable, invincible, dangerous, and you're not bad.
Like a smooth criminal, your live was like a thriller.
You told us about Billie Jean, Dirty Diana, The Man in the mirror and the Liberian girl.
We rock with you, and you leave us speechless.
Now we cry.

( And By me; )
So , i think , This is it .
But Michael , Remember that You are not alone ...







__?§$$$$?_??______§§§$§§§§§$$§ ?

___?§$$$§????_____?§$$$J§§§§§§ $$§?

____?$$§?________§$$$$h§$§§§§§ §$§

_____§$§§3_______$$$§§§§§§§§$§ $$§

______§$$§§$____$$§§§$§§§§§$§§ $$§

_______§$$$$$$$$$$§$§§§$$$$§§§ $$§

________?§§§§$$$$$$§§§§§§$§§§§ $$?

___________$$$§$$$§§§§§§§§§§§$ $§

________________?§$$§§$§§$§§§§ §?

__________________§$$$§§$§§§§$ §?

_________________?§$$§§§§§§§§$ §?

_______________?§$$§§$$::::§§$ $$§

______________§$$$§§§§§:::§$§§ $$?

____________?§$$$$$$$$:::§§§§$ $$?

__________?§$$$$$$§§:::§$§$$$$ §?





















Xoxo Super-girl.8

By : Super-girl.8
Photos: stardoll.com

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