donderdag 25 februari 2010

Get the LE Tube Top Before it even get released!!

Credits: Underneath Stardoll

Hi readers,
It started as a secret,but now it's not....And since it is out there i'll say it exclusively for you out and clear.

You can get LE Tube Top now, and you do not need any message, you do not need anything :) Just your inbox. There's a "hole" in the message section from where your LE Tube Top will pass.since stardoll has forgotten it "available".

Follow these steps to get it:

1.Go to Stardoll and go to your INBOX(nowhere else will this work)
2.Now there, in the URL of your browser copy and paste this: javascript:Msg.buyItem(23775)  and hit enter
3.Don't be afraid if your money says NaN after this, that means you bought it. Refresh and go to see your LE top in front of your wardrobe!!

You have to be superstar and you need more than 65 Stardollars!

Real: Credit Seen on Stardoll
Alexander McQueen Bustier

Have fun with it!

Sanne AKA Super-girl.8

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