zondag 4 april 2010

Best and worst dressed

Lushious: Aly_i_Aj

I so want that hairstyle!. I love the le jacket and the top and skirt are cute. It was the right decision to put on tights and the shoes and the bag match. As you might have guessed I like it when things match, lol. Good work!

Lunacy: fmuthgrl

The hair would be pretty if she changed her massive Susan Boyle chin. I cannot stand it when people wear lip liner with pale lipstick, do they think it looks good?, if they do they must be blind. It just makes you look like Jacqui from Hollyoaks (British tv show, if you're wondering what I'm going on about) which is basically like a tacky hoe. Two things have made this outfit look awful, the hot buys checked crop top and the hat. She should hire a stylist, like me!, I would relish the challenge. Better luck next time!

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