vrijdag 30 april 2010

Queens Day on stardoll :)

Hey beauties! :)
You might know that i live in The Netherlands, (Sometimes called Holland) and today it's Queens Day! This day is like a tradition in Holland, it's a very nice day =D

Also stardoll created some nice Queens day stuff:

Here's the book: (Window on the world)

The dress is nice, right? It's inspired by Viktor&Rolf.
I just LOVE it, also because they are Dutch designers. i'm so happy stardoll made this dress!
[Click on the pics to see the pics better]

Viktor&Rolf show:

Katy Perry on the EMA's 

You like it? Comment please! :)

Happy Queens Day!

Sanne ♥

(I wanted to make the tekst Orange but i couldn't read it xD)

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