vrijdag 30 april 2010

One of the first 'Hot Buys' : November 2006

I was very bored, so that's why i searched the real Hot Buys from November 2006. Here are they!

1. Earrings by Andrea Fohrman

2. Sunglasses by Alain Mikli

3. Cameo Necklace by Cadance Ang

4. Dress by Debra Rodman

5. Boots by Anchor Blue

6. Raspberry Kat Vest by Erin Snow

7. Corset by Maggie Norris

8. Ankle boots by J.Lo (Jennifer Lopez, for the ones who don't know her)

9. Belt by Moss Mills

I think by these Hot Buys the tardoll versions are much better. My favourite items are the J.Lo boots.

What do you think and what's your favourite item? please comment ;)


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